Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life on the Hard, Day 3

Day 3,

It's raining, pouring, raining... oh heck I'll not get any painting done today. So I've been elected to go and do some grocery shopping. I'd spoken to Anna on Concertio, and she was going into town in her car at 9 am. At 8 am the phone rang, it was Tony, could we come around to his workshop to see the plans for the Targa Bar. He'd drawn them on the floor of the workshop and wanted us to see if we liked it.
The stainless steel holding up the solar panels are what's cracked..
if they go we lose the panels and Limo! So they have to be
We went to Anna and asked if she'd mind a slight detour.. no problem she said. What a honey she is! So off we went and chatted with Tony, made some adjustments to his design.. I like working with Tony, he really listens to what you have to say and takes it into account. I'm so used to people brushing me off because I'm a woman in a man's world and they automatically figure that I know nothing.. rather frustrating, especially as I'm a qualified Captain, I have a great eye for shapes and dimensions and can visualise things in my head, probably because I'm and artist, lol, and I'm told that I'm quite logical for a girl. :-p

Anna and I left to go shopping it was now 9.30.

At about 11.30 we finally got back.. it was still raining. David and I unloaded Anna's car and took the groceries up into Puddytat, trying not to get it all soaked in the process. After a quick glass of coke, we went down in the rain to remove the lower end of the sail drives and drain oil into a bucket.
David had been having a hard time removing the Port rudder bearings, but finally after a lot of effort and hammering they came out. They're slightly too big for the rudder so we're having some new ones made.

After a quick lunch of fresh baked Apple crumble and cream, that David had made along with a loaf of bread, he got stuck into taking the hydraulic steering ram apart because they need new seals.

I put a huge chicken, with potatoes, carrots and onions into the oven for dinner and then I started cleaning the propeller blades and fittings. I need to get all the barnacle and oyster footprints off and get it shining again. Lots of hard scraping and scrubbing, but they're starting to look good again.
This is just one blade.. there are three per propeller, and two propellers.
I forgot the two shaft covers......
Here's one of the shaft covers..they're both done though. :-)
It's still raining... at dinner time, we ate with relish, the food was soooo tasty. :-) then we relaxed and watched a DVD.
At about 9pm I phoned my folks in South Africa.. just to give her a surprise and say hi, I love you. It was so great to speak to them.

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