Friday, May 17, 2013

Life on the Hard, Day 2

Day 2.

We woke up just after 7 am ready for a day of hard labour. After breakfast of toast ( made from David's home baked bread,) and tea, we got organised. David passed up the 9 oars, that we have stowed in the forward section of the starboard (right) hull, through one of the hatches to me on deck. My job was to sand them all down to the wood for repainting. We decided to throw out 2 of the oars as they were too badly broken to be repaired, so now I had to only do 7. Wow how many oars do you need you ask?.. hehe well we have a rowing dinghy with two rowing stations, so we need 4 working oars at all times. the rest are spare in case we break any.

I sanded oars almost all day. Some of them had to be peeled of old varnish first then sanded, but I got it all done. As I was finishing, Tony, an expert Stainless steel and Aluminium fabrication, came by to discuss our new Targa Bar.
No it's not a pub, it's a kind of archway that we're having built from one side of the boat to the other, at the back. We'll put our solar panels on it and hang The Limo from it.
The Davits that we are using at the moment for the job are badly cracked and cannot be repaired....we've tried to come up with a cheaper solution but there just isn't one. We've decided that it's better to do a good job once and have it last, than try and do patch-ups that would cause us to re-patch often, and that will probably cost us more in the long run. The Limo?, that's our dinghy, it's rather snazzy for a hard dinghy.
I added this photo to show you Limo hanging between the pontoons.
She'll look great when I've cleaned her up.
David had spent the day taking the propellers off and their shafts out and draining the old oil. He also drove out the rudder bearings on the port rudder to have new one's made. Then he had to go walking to find, and either buy, or order the requisite parts. He got back just before Tony arrived to discuss the Targa bar... good timing that :-)

Now it was time to knock off, have a shower and eat a good hot meal.

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