Friday, April 15, 2011

Almost a year since Kudana lost her rig..

Yup it's been nearly a year. I did given a short update last year but I never followed up on it..naughty me!
In About November..I think....the new mast arrived in Tonga and after quite a time sorting things out with customs it finally was lifted off the ship and put ashore.
The mast was moved into the workshop and Bob started to assemble it. He discovered that it was damaged and on contacting the suppliers was told that they'd send another one. The new mast, I'm told, is due to arrive next month. What a setback..Shame...nothing seems to be going right.

In the meantime they have been very luck in only experiencing one Hurricane, but they had a strong mooring and a good hurricane hole to hide in so all was fine. The Tsunami expected from the Japanese earthquake never materialised that was good.

Well that's it folks..I'll be updating, with photo's, and such in a month or two when I get them....

During this weekend I hope to finish the story of Puddytat's latest escapade ....we left her on the anchor and David and I went through the Panama Canal on a friends boat to help them with the lines...... :-D

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