Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short update to Kudana's story

We have heard recently that Bob has been offered the free use of a workshop where he will be able to work at putting together a replacement mast. This is wonderful news. It will help to bring the costs down, a bit, I'm sure.

The donations are trickling in very slowly, it's been easy to write a personal thank you letter to each and every person. At this rate though we fear that it will take forever to raise even a GBP1000.00 :-( However, we will continue to hope in the kindness of people around the world.

We have emailed Bob to ask him for a better photo, megabyte wise, of him and Dawn for the sailing magazine, Latitude 38.      http://www.latitude38.com/index.lasso    Richard, the owner of the magazine, has asked us if he could print their story in the ''Changes'' section of his magazine. We are rather excited about this.

The following Blog also has Kudana's exploits during the Tsunami in that area last year......

So folks, watch this blog. We will keep you all updated.

An update...as of the 12/12/2010 there hasn't been any write-up in Latitude.....don't know why...sorry if you've been waiting for it. ....

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